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Easy to use boating app for summer!

Get started by downloading Nautics Sailmate from your app store and creating a free Sailmate account.

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1. Download Nautics Sailmate from your app store.


2. Open the application and create a Sailmate account, or log into an existing account. Get instant access to Sailmate Free features.


3. Familiarize yourself with the use of Sailmate at the Free level. You get  all the features of the application by purchasing Sailmate Premium, which costs only € 19.99 / year. You can get Premium either from the app's settings menu or here with a payment card.


4. You can also get the Scout Routes -content pack through the Sailmate settings or here with a payment card. Check out the package in more detail here .

"I've used Sailmate for years as a second display, next to my boat's plotter. I'm of that age that it is important for me to see the location on the official nautical charts as well, not just on the plotter. That's why I've installed a small tablet with Sailmate on the dashboard, and it is always on as a second display.



Nautics Oy

Sailmate is developed by Nautics Oy,  a Finnish start-up company.  The information in the blue marina maps has been collected by Suomen Vierassatamat Oy.  The harbour information as shown in the Scout Routes -package has been collected by Turun Partio-Sissit.

 We all do this for the love of  boating!


In co-operation

Turun Partio-Sissit Oy
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Customer Service / Contact Us

We help our customers by e-mail. If you need help, please write a message to or fill out this form, and we will respond as soon as possible. You help us to give a more useful answer, if you write as specifically as possible. Please also tell which product and what device you are using. If you do not see a response, please check your junk mail folder. We do our best to serve in Finnish, Swedish and English.

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