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Nautics Sailmate Nova is a completely reworked new version of our popular boating app, Nautics Sailmate. Sailmate Nova is built on a modern platform that ensures a smooth and reliable user experience to our customers. Sailmate Nova will replace the previous Sailmate version Sailmate Classic, but until further notice both apps will be available for our customers to use. You find them at the appshops by searching "Nautics Sailmate".

 We warmly welcome you to try out Sailmate Nova, as it boasts all the same features as the old app, plus some new ones, topped with a more sleek user interface and visual appearance.

Should I download Sailmate Nova?

Have you previously used Sailmate? You can safely try Sailmate Nova, as it does not interfere with the old Sailmate app. In fact, they can be used independently and you can even run them side by side, if you don't feel comfortable taking a boat trip with only Nova just yet. All your routes, saved locations and other information will be accessible and fully usable in Nova as well. Feel free to get familiar with Nova at your own convenient pace - we even added route planning to the mobile app and we encourage you to try it out! 

The old Sailmate will be kept running until further notice, so you get plenty of time to try Nova and still use the older Sailmate Classic  app on the side.

Use the appropriate download link to install Sailmate Nova on your device:

Nautics Sailmate Nova

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download (8).png
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